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Massive Companies information and data

Provide the latest and most complete information about textile machine industry , so as to help you quickly match the source of your demand.

The bulter service of Second-hand machine trading , Accompanying to test machine on-site

Real machine information, real-certified butler, real-time accompaniment, on-site reception and inspection , so as to ensure integrity services throughout the process, and reduce the risk between buyers and sellers, providing after-sales and transport customs declaration services.

Professional equipment accessories online mall service

Provide various categories , diverse products, cost-effective textile machinery accessories in online retail and wholesale shopping mall

Ture authentication Credit guarantee

Solve international trade credit problems , making the trade more authentic and credible ,even ensure them more security between buyers and sellers .

Mobile minisite , displaying corporation image

Display simultaneously on PC and mobile phones , support the needs of buyers from different overseas countries.

Match business opportunities

Firstlry grab buyers' requirements , filter buyers' needs, lock in target customers and seize business opportunities.

NiuQi College

Help companies solve those problem about international trades and managements ,learn more systematic international trade experience.